My name is Matthew Sigmon, and I’m sort of a creative nomad.  This site is primarily a touchstone for music I’ve made, but you’ll find other things posted here as well.  Thanks for stopping by.

The site title, “A Further Element in a Series of Incomplete Sets”, is a phrase I’ve kept with me a long time, and it applies to everything you’ll find here.  It also reflects one of the great truths about ourselves and the world we live in: reality is an organization of recursive patterns, and every structure within it has an identity as both a “whole”, which is composed of smaller parts, and as a “part”, which along with other parts forms a larger whole. 1  This appears to be true for as far up and as far down as we can see.  What we’re experiencing right now is an orchestra of repeating patterns, unfinished yet entire, complete yet evolving.  Pretty cool, huh?

We appear within this incredible framework, and like everything else, are manifestations of its nature.  So that nature is the fabric of what we are, and we’re manipulating and extending it through everything we do whether we know it or not.

Making stuff is like igniting magic flash paper that leaves behind a  lingering, stylized imprint of its creative source.  By repeating the process from many different angles with an ample variety of materials, an average portrait begins to appear, and consistencies can be noted.  So my involvement with creative pursuits has been one of utility, an ongoing effort to explore the nature of self and the environment in which it arises.  Above and beyond the pure fun of doing it, making music, design, writing or drawing can provide an opportunity to clarify something about the mystery of our own existence, and that has been my enduring interest.

After many years of sometimes fruitful, sometimes frustrating creative experiments, something that resembles practical understanding starts to emerge.  And whether that understanding is accurate or not, it’s important that we make it available to others so it can be considered, reviewed, tested and revised.  As human beings, we live by our ideas which function as a map of the reality we inhabit.  Maps can be more or less accurate, so it’s crucial that we work to increase the adequacy of our ideas and understanding, to maximize their resemblance to what is true. This is the ultimate goal of art, of learning and life.

If you arrived here because you heard some music I’ve made, much of it is available to download for free at Bandcamp.  Help yourself.  You can also stream some of my stuff on Spotify.  The pop/rock material is connected to my Sigmon artist profile, while the ambient recordings are attributed to Matthew Sigmon.



  1. Something that is both a whole and a part is called a holon, a word coined by Arthur Koestler.  Read more about holons and holonic theory here