This is the only track I wrote and recorded for One Opens Up that didn’t appear on the CD. The main reason it went that way is that I didn’t think it was finished. Maybe I was right in some respect. If I had put it on the album, it would have been the only song in the bunch about whose production I had any reservations at all. The lyrics, the melody, I was happy with those, but I couldn’t quite get my head around where the arrangement needed to land, and I wasn’t prepared to bake in anything that held the potential for second guessing.

As a song about the necessarily invisible parts of self and experience, it makes sense that some aspect of the recording might be invisible too, so maybe What You Don’t Know is a bullseye on a target I was simply unable to see. Or maybe it just threw me a curve I couldn’t work out, but finished or not, over time, things have a way of concluding themselves. Past that point, they are what they are, and the rest is a matter of understanding and interpretation.

In early discs of rough mixes for the album, this song was #2, after Leaving Day. I think that’s still where it fits best in the story.